Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All hail the Megalodons!!

Just to prove that I haven't forgotten about my art blog (I just "misplaced" it) I am posting a new piece of artwork I have made. Its a logo I made for my girlfriends training "cabin" in this years Rat City Rollergirls "Makin' Bacon" training camp. All hail the Megalodons!

For some reason I decided on a kinda surfin' safari motif complete with funky rounded lettering (From a font named "Dolphin". Cute.) Hopefully this can satisfy my 1,000,000,000,000 fans until I complete something with some more substance. As for whatever metaphor is at work here well , lets see. Many of the skaters come from a practice team called Potential Fresh Meat (Or PFM) and come to train so that they can try out for the Rat City league, thus becoming 1st year "rookies" or, fresh meat (Hence "Makin' Bacon", get it.) So that explains the pig, yet the pig is about to be eaten by the shark, since the cabin is called Megalodon. So i'm not sure if the skaters are the pigs or the sharks, or some of the skaters are pigs and some are sharks. In fact I don't know why it was decided that Fresh Meat equals pigs. Also the other camps are mostly dinosaurs. They also probably eat pigs......

Either there is an "Inception" level of complication going on here or I'm over thinking this.

In other news I am both 1.) unemployed and 2.) have my own studio space! Well, its shared studio space but my hope is, by just having a place to work, I will really start cranking out the artwork. But more on that in my next post!

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