Monday, April 19, 2010

New Art!

OK! Hey everyone! Im ready to get this party started and get this party started right. Hi I'm Steve Snoey a sort of professional artist. Ive been working in the Video Games Industry for about four years now and rarely have time for my own personal work UNTIL NOW. Day by day, and hour or two at a time I managed to chip together the piece that sits before you. I had a lot of things going through my head when I made this image not limited to:

- Baseball (Of which im only a fan of when I go to the stadium and watch)
- Japanese stuff
- Tron
- Early 60's retro fashion
- Japan
- Racing outfits
- Anime from the 90's
- Rollerderby
- Guns

SO I tried to make a truly rediculous image entailing all of that. I think it kind of worked. I tell ya what though. This sucker is busy. Lots going on. If you're a fan of detail then have fun. Really zoom in there cause this ones for you. If you're more into clean composition weeeeell. I hope you like neon. I really used every trick I have learned in the last 4 years working in games and even made up a few new ones. I wanted to add even more detail and polish but, thankfully, my computer informed me when I was finished. It did this but crawling to such a slowdown I had no choice but to be done. Thanks computer!

Anyways I wanted to make something silly and corny like you would see on an old Japanese video game in say..... 1991. Hologram wing hats, gunbats and baseball launchers, worthless protective gear. All of that. It may be brutally obvious but i've never really been one of those girl drawing kinda guys. Its something I want to get stronger at so but its a start :D

Hopefully I can keep this ball rolling and you will see a lot of new work and what I have been working on over the last four years.


For a fun easter egg I used my friends names as hologram advertising.


  1. Yay, it looks great! I'm proud of you for finishing, since it can be so hard to come home from a full day of work and get something done. Let alone something so cool! xo

    I hope that when I finally do get to wear a rollerderby uniform, it looks as cool as these.

  2. Thanks guys :D
    My first "customers"!

  3. Very nice. I didn't expect the baseball theme, but I can dig it!

  4. Loving the logos on the bat and the bazooka. Did you do the base bags in Max?

    Also, a quick blog tip. Add a RSS widget so people can subscribe to the blog without getting a Google account.

  5. Yea basically everything that isn't the girls (Bat, baseball launcher, shell cart, bases, that pitchers mound kinda thing) were all made in max. Then I used a black line/ white line technique to put all the lines and panels on it. I need to learn how to get Max to render a picture a bit bigger though as I had to stretch the background out a bit to get it to fit.

    How do I do this RSS thing you speak of. Some modern internet techniques confuse me.

  6. Wow, way cool, and awesome attention to detail. I dig the glowing ears and want to see an all out battle with spring loaded explosive nerf grenade launchers.


  7. Mark! Hey man thanks for the kind words. Im glad you like it (though I do wish Simpson hadn't hyped it up so much :) Of course now that i'm done all I can see are problems, problems, problems. Also mistakes and composition miscalculations. But I've never really made something so complicated to i'll chalk it up to rookie mistakes. The idea of mixing 2d and 3d would be unthinkable last year since, basically, I didn't even know how to operate 3dsmax!

    and it's good to know that when hologram wing hats are all the rage I was in on the ground floor.
    See you at TAG!

  8. Regarding RSS, just go into LAYOUT->PAGE ELEMENTS. Click on ADD A GADGET, then type in SUBSCRIBE. Its the second GADGET.

    You'll need to setup a FEEDBURNER ACCOUNT, which is just registering your blog so it will send out the notice to anyone who is subscribed to your RSS feed.